Thursday, November 13, 2008

bmw 850ci art car

i always wanted to own an 8 series. it was to me the ultimate driving machine. well, must have been to BMW that way too. as they sold her as the 'ultimate diving machine'. and even took over that slogan for all current bimmers. i owned a few GT cars before. cars like porsche 928 or mercedes 560 sec but no car was quite like the first 850 i sat in. needless to say i was hooked. then as a kid i loved watching race cars and loved the paintjobs they came in. i remember the bmw 625csi with the see through 'originale bmw teile' design and the m1 with that cool BASF paint. in the 90's i remembered reading about BMW art cars in a magazine. and was in awe. one would have to have balls the size of churchbells to do that to a new car, i thought. well fast forward to today. i bought an 850ci and it needed a paintjob. i thought how can i attract more looks for my car detailing biz? and then it all came to me. did a search on bmw art cars and found the one i liked best. the sandro chia m3 race car. the rest is history

from this

at a carshow

the inspiration
sandro chia's art car #13

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